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CLEARview, Insights for the World of Nonprofits, is a unique combination of market research & consulting services that shows nonprofits the mindset people have toward charitable giving, philanthropy and involvement in causes.


CLEARview illuminates the personal perspectives, life outlooks, and points of view among people who donate their time and money to charities – so you can truly know them from the inside out.

CLEARview Core includes a year of thoughtful commentary and ideas:

CLEARview Snapshots: Reflections on the Nonprofit Landscape - Six two-page trend reports, delivered every other month, which dive into a trend relevant to the nonprofit community, starting with Tapping into Today's Generosity which looks at the values and personal habits of those who share both their personal time and money with charities and suggests the triggers that could connect them to your organization.

CLEARview Forums: Four hour-long interactive webinars to get savvy about donors and volunteers by examining the important dynamics of people who support the nonprofit sector.

CLEARview Profiles: Full and robust descriptions of people who donated money and/or volunteered time in the last year. This is not-to-be missed information that moves far beyond behaviors to get to the core of who they are and how they live their lives.

Research Data: Responses to every question asked in the renowned Yankelovich MONITOR survey, broken out into relevant categories for nonprofits.


Apply CLEARview insights to your own organization with CLEARview Consulting projects:

Clarity Group's proprietary Constituent Touch Point Analysis uncovers how well you're connecting with your own supporters. This custom analysis examines the methods, messages, frequency and timing of your current outreach efforts with the three supporter segments you define as your most important, with a special focus on the experiences and emotions that they evoke. It includes a mini-profile based on the information you have about your supporters and recommendations for making stronger connections with them.

Clarity Group can also engage your nonprofit's supporters to understand what they think of your organization. Select from an in-person interview, online interview or social media connection with your most important constituents. Choose to receive either (1) a two page, day-in-the-life story that uncovers who your supporters are and ways to connect with them, (2) a two page message map of the language and themes that resonate with your supporters so you can improve messaging and branding or (3) a visual depiction explaining why your supporters are loyal to your organization.

The Futures Company, provider of the Yankelovich MONITOR research that is the data underpinning of CLEARview, will deliver a customized trends presentation, with special focus on people who give time and money. Each person in your organization will be able to take new actions from this valuable information.
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