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Clarity Group and The Futures Company Launch CLEARview for Nonprofits — September 12, 2012

Partnership brings MONITOR data to nonprofits through new suite of products.


Chapel Hill, NC (Sept. 12, 2012) – Clarity Group and The Futures Company have joined forces to bring world-renowned U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR market research to the nonprofit world. Through the new CLEARview suite of products, nonprofits now can better understand the attitudes and motivations of consumers, based on the nation's most comprehensive survey of American adults and their values.


Craig Wood, CEO and founder of Clarity Group, approached The Futures Company with a vision to bring insights on consumer values and attitudes and trends behind the consumer behaviors to the nonprofit sector.


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Craig Wood Named Chair of Direct Marketing Educational Foundation — June 5, 2012


Craig Wood, founder and CEO of Clarity Group, was elected as Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF), a national organization that works to build the marketing talent pool by attracting, educating and placing college students in marketing careers.


"After overseeing the comprehensive, in-depth strategic planning process to set an expanded direction for the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation over the past two years, there is no one better prepared to take the helm of the DMEF than Craig Wood," notes Terri Bartlett, President of the DMEF.

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Boney Joins Clarity Group as Senior Vice President — May 24, 2012

Ret Boney, former deputy editor at the Philanthropy Journal, has been named senior vice president at Clarity Group, a Chapel Hill-based national consulting firm that advises nonprofits and faith-based organizations.

"Ret's knowledge of the nonprofit sector is broad and deep," says Todd Cohen, founding editor of the Philanthropy Journal and a former business editor at The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C. "She understands the complex challenges that nonprofits face, and the strategic opportunities they have to more effectively serve people and places in need."

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United Way Invests in CRM — March 10, 2008

“The donor landscape is changing. How donors expect to be treated, how they view their money and their relationship with an organization is fundamentally different from five to 10 years ago, and most nonprofits have not changed their business.”

“There’s a lot of mindset change, and people are asking, ‘How can you prove that my donation is making a difference in the area I want? Plus, that donor landscape is so competitive right now. Everyone is so passionate and there are so many charitable organizations, a company has to find out what’s relevant and make a personal connection.”



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Belief System: Consumers of faith are often misunderstood — Nov. 2007

"Faith-based marketers tend to forget the fundamentals of Marketing 101, which is understanding people demographically, understanding their behavior and past transactions with you, understanding attitudinal elements beyond the faith, and their economic capacity – can they buy your product?”

“You need to put a more holistic view of the customer in place – understanding how faith and core values drives consumer behavior is important and difficult to do.”



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Clarity Group client, Church Initiative, profiled in November 1, 2007 issue of DIRECT magazine. Read the article by clicking the link.



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Clarity Group’s Craig Wood on Values-based Marketing — July 2006

“[The benefits of values-based marketing] is emotional connection. People feel more passionate about their values and beliefs than they do about almost anything else … and if you are able to connect with someone on the level of what they believe in and what their passion is, you have a greater likelihood of developing a longer-lasting bond, a greater likelihood of having them see you as more than just fulfilling a product, but helping them fulfill a cause.”

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