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Organizational Development Products and Services


  • Strategic Planning: From multiyear organizational strategic plans to annual operational plans, from vision, mission and value statement creation to action plan development.
  • Strategic Plans: Developing multiyear organizational strategic plans that encompass vision, objectives, strategies and performance measures.
  • Operational Plans: Covering the implementation aspects of a strategic plan, defining the activities, aligning resources and establishing budgets.
  • Performance Management: Creating organizational accountability with a dashboard of critical organizational measures, project level milestones and individual performance measures.


  • Organizational Alignment: Cultural and accountability behaviors as drivers to becoming a higher performing organization.
  • Integrated Annual Planning: Aligning the various functional areas of an organization to remove silos, increase collaboration and communication and create collective accountability and responsibility.
  • Change Management: Helping an organization to understand how organizational change impacts individuals, to anticipate and address productivity losses and to gain buy-in.
  • Leadership Development: Personal interaction and counseling with CEOs, Senior Leaders and Managers, helping to leverage your strengths to move your organization forward.












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proprietary tools

Clarity Group offers an array of tools to calm the confusion of marketing to today's challenging consumer. Some of our proprietary tools include:

clearpath roadmapClearPath Roadmap: A detailed business case and strategic plan
for customer relationship and/or communications implementation. This roadmap is easy to understand and implement, having been created through our proven process of merging solid data, comprehensive information and clear thinking.

clearview profileClearView Profile: A detailed
analytic profile of current customers leveraging demographic, attitudinal, behavioral and economic data. All the information you need in one place, so decisions can be made and improvements can be measured.

clearview profileClearConnect Action Plan™: Our process to develop a marketing plan, this methodology uses data analysis and research to create new insights that identify audiences, their interests and media preferences. The process also yields insight to drive creative messaging decisions and contact strategies.

about us

Our clients have one goal in mind: to connect with their audience. That's why they turn to Clarity Group.
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